Machine Interface for Event Message Sending / Command Processing


EVENTLINK IM (for OS/2 / eComStation based Universal Through Hole Machines utilizing IMUPS)

EVENTLINK SM (for Windows based Universal Surface Mount Machines utilizing UPS+)

EVENTLINK IM/SM is designed as an application runnable directly on the Universal assembly machine.

It has three main features:

1. Event Messaging, sending event messages from the machine to a Windows PC through a STREAM-SOCKET (TCP/IP)

The number and types of the event messages are preselected by the IMUPS/UPS+ installation,

but extendible and configurable by the user.

2. Command Processing, receiving command from a Windows PC, returning results to the PC

(both STREAM-SOCKETs on protocol TCP/IP).

3. Component Consumption Data Reporting, sends periodically the consumption data for

components for the actual product program (through a STREAM-SOCKET (TCP/IP)

Two different sockets are used, EVENTLINK uses one socket as a client for sending data,

another one for receiving commands as a server. The PC as the communication partner does just as

well: It sends commands as a socket client and receives data from EVENTLINK as a socket server.

Therefore, it can easily be integrated in any Windows application running on the PC.

The customer's Windows application just reads from and writes to a socket for machine


EVENTLINK reconnects to the socket opened by the server before it writes.

If the socket has not yet been created, EVENTLINK spools the data for a period of time

(time length for spooling is depending on the amount of data to be sent).

Whenever the connection is established, data are flowing in real time behavior.